Capuano can’t find the plate,BUT Uribe finds his stick!

One a night where Chris Capuanao seemed to not be able to find the strike zone, bounce all his breaking balls in the dirt a foot from home plate, and load the bases 2 times before the 5th inning, Juan Uribe found something.

His BAT.

Well of course he HAD a bat all along, just didn’t know how to use it. Flayling(sp) at most pitches all season long…a poor man’s Vladamir Guerrero is what I have always called him.  But Vlad actually HIT the ball off his shoe tops. Not Juan.

Well tonight Juan went 4-4, with 3 rbi’s and 2 runs scored.


In fact the whole “bottom” of the lineup contributed tonight…something we have been lacking all year.

J-Lo was  2 for 3 with 2 runs scored and A.J Ellis 2 for 4, with 2 clutch rbi’s

It can’t just be a Kemp and Ethier Show.


And that we know.


Go Blue!



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