Nothing could keep my Pops away from Opening Day !

Early March, my Pops had a  stroke, after a procedure gone wrong at the hospital.

It was scary at first, but after a week, you could already see the twinkle in his eye. His improvements came in leaps and bounds. Challenges by the Nurses and Doctors were met head on.  He is a TOUGH SOB. Chuck Norris doesn’t have shit on this man. See here:

Although we had to cancel our yearly Spring Training trip, he promised me he would be ready for Opening Day. I wasn’t ASKING….he PROMISED. That’s the kind of man my Pops is. It was almost as thought he was worried that “I”was going to be disappointed.  I was SO happy to just still HAVE him in my life… and yet he was still selfless…worried about others.

But true to his word, his physical therapist gave him the OK..and off to Opening Day we went. Like SO many years before.

And with a 8th inning BOMB by Dre in the 8th, Our Blue was able to make this a perfect day.

For me AND my Pops.  Thank you God, for one  more year with him on Opening Day.

Dodgers 2

Pittsburgh 1

Go Blue!


One comment

  1. crzblue

    Too bad I did not see you and your dad! I was there at 10 am. It is wonderful that you and your dad spent that special day together. It will be 7 years in June since my dad passed away.
    Glad to see you are posting here again. Drop a line anytime.

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