127 years old……and still ticking !

On this day, May 27th 1887, Mike Griffin of the Brooklyn Bridegrooms started what was to become our franchises 4th  triple play !

The play starts when Griffin traps a short fly to center field, then
runs in and tags a runner between second and third base and throws to
second base to get a force out of a runner coming from first base for
the second out. The final out is recorded when the batter is tagged out
as he tries to get to second base on the hit.

brooklyn bridegrooms.jpgWe have pulled off a total of 17 triple plays, 2 in Los Angeles…..our last was triple play was against last nights opponent, the Colorado Rockies in 1998.

I mention this bit of franchise trivia not because the triple play is an amazing feat ( although it is)..but because of HISTORY.

Our team is now 127 years old….an amazing feat !
ebbets_field_2.jpg127 years…2 different cities, 6 different team names, 5+ different fields, numerous owners, managers and amazing players…. and this franchise is still rolling along.

CityScape-Dodger-Stadium_60.jpgAnd that’s one of the many reasons why I love baseball. Other sports come and go. But baseball endures.


Go Blue!


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