RIP Senor Lima….We will miss you.

jose lima.jpg

                                photo courtesy of Malingering, of fame.

I was saddened to hear this morning to hear the tragic news of Jose Lima’s passing, So young, so full of life to be taken from us. In the short time Dodger fan’s got to know him, he did not disappoint. In 2004 with the Blue, he went 13-5 with a 4.07 era….and most importantly, pitched a 5 hit shut out GEM against the Cardinals in the 2004 playoffs…our only post season win in well over a decade.

But the picture above displays the way I choose to remember him.

His interaction with the kids, the crowd, the fans in general...LIMA TIME!.….Its what made him special….not his accomplishments on the field, but his personality. The way he always had fun out there.! He played the game with enthusiasm and fire, and yet took time to play and joke with the crowd, or a fan who shouted his name, or a kid who just wanted an autograph..And that’s why we as Dodger fan’s will always remember him.

Rest In Peace Mr. Lima


One comment

  1. crzblue2

    We Dodger fans will never forget LIMA TIME. He gave us our first playoff win in 16 years. It was a moment that I will always remember.
    He always had time to sign for us fans and pose for pictures. I remember his performance at the Viva Los Dodgers festival and also singing the National Anthem

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