Easy Grandpa….you might break a hip! Oh….and the Blue SWEEP the Madres!


With Dre out with a broken finger, and the dodger bench getting plenty of playing time with the day/after night Sunday game…..Chad Billingsley battled MANO y MANO, with Madre pitcher Wade Leblanc to pull out a 1-0 win !!!
That’s their 7th win in a row…..and their 2nd straight ROAD sweep!

J.Mar increased his hitting streak to 12 games AND drove in today’s only RBI……..Jamie Carroll scored the only run and came up huge this weekend..heck this whole road trip, filling in for Furcal at short ( and raising his average over 40 points to .296  in the last 15 days)

And with Garret Anderson’s triple and rbi on Saturday, GA raised his average to a season high ……..143.

Yup. .143 and no defense in left.
He’s like a clone of Manny Ramirez….if Manny had to hit left handed. And blind folded.
I heckled him at spring training, for being slow and unmotivated….oh and for being an ex- Angel….. and nothings changed since.

Ned?  Xavier Paul….remember him?

Bring on the ‘Stros!

Go Blue!


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