Horry for 3! …….. How about Dre for 4!

When it comes to great Laker moments, Robert Horry contributed more then a few clutch moments in Laker history…especially in the playoffs.

In 2002, this 3 pointer against the Sacramento Kings, was one of the most clutch shots I’ve seen in many years.
horry4Three.jpgI can still hear the call…” Horry for THREEEEEE!!!!”  Wow….what a shot !!!!

                     But day in and day out, we have our own star, our own Mr.Clutch.
andre-ethier.jpg                                                         Andre Ethier !
What can you say, this kid is something special. Last night he added to his growing legend, of being as clutch as they come, when the team needs a boost.

His game winning walk off grand slam was classic Dre. Cool at the plate, just waiting for the pitcher to make a mistake. And when he does BAM!

Maybe last nights win can be the spark, to turning this year around. It’s still early, only 5 games back.

We can do this.

And we need more of this.
Kemp-Ethier.jpgGo Blue!




  1. angelsgirl012

    that’s some serious hang time for a hip bump 😀

    i love hip bumps heh heh

    Ethier is a BEAST! A walk off grand slam homer kind of beast … The angels didn’t have a grand slam all year last season becoming the only MLB team not to do so. And here is Andre just hitting em out (walk off stlye) like it’s nothing. Very exciting stuff!


  2. crzblue2

    Hey Rob!
    Any road trips in the horizon for you? I will be in San Diego for Saturday and Sunday’s games. I am part of a group of 60. I know of another group of 150 so as usual, lots of Dodgers fans will be at Petco Park.

  3. bluecrewfan

    Not going to S.D or S.F this year. But I will be in Boston for the game on 19th, and definetly going to St. Louis this year

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