Happy 73rd Birthday, Pops!

2010-05-04 21.00.17.jpgOn May 4th, 2010, my Dad and I celebrated his 73rd Birthday at Dodger stadium.

For those of you that don’t know my Dad, the struggles, and challenges this man has endured is amazing.

From fleeing his war torn country with his family as a child, and immigrating to the USA with NOTHING, and I mean nothing,………and succeeding and raising a family.

To his 20+ year battle with Cancer…

The man is a fighter.
A fight thru whatever is in the way, show no fear, MODEL… of what we men are suppose to be.
Chuck Norris doesn’t have **** on this man.

And yet the humblest man I know

Generous in his time… kind in his spirit….willing to lend a hand no matter what his problems.
And always encouraging. Always encouraging.

He helped to mold me into the man I have become now.

And yet when I was in my 20’s, I wanted to be nothing like my Dad. I thought I knew EVERYTHING!
Whatever he suggested, I knew better….Any advice he gave, I ignored….
What could HE know….I knew better!

But now that I’m in my mid 40’s…. I want to me just like the man he was.

Just like the man he became…
And if I’m lucky, hopefully… end up being up being the man my Dad is today.

Happy Birthday Pops !

assorted pics 007.jpg
No envy…no fear…..

Go Blue!


One comment

  1. crzblue2

    Ahhhh Rob! That is so cute that you had the sign put there! and this is a very nice tribute to your dad!
    I know you will continue to treasure him Rob!
    June 29 will be five years since I lost my dad to a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.
    Happy belated birthday Mr. Franz! I wish you a clean bill of health!

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