ThinkCure=Think Dave Roberts

It’s reported that former Dodger Dave Roberts was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer back in early March. He is being treated with chemotherapy.

I wish Dave all the best in his fight. My family has been touched personally
by that f#*kin disease, and I know it takes a fighter to beat it.

And he
is one.

Dave was, and still is, one of my favorite Dodger players. With somewhat limited ability hitting wise, he gave it his ALL every game. He handled the lead off position perfectly. Always trying, ANY way, to get on base. And once he was on…watch out! He was exciting to watch, racing around the base pads.

‘ And the rabbit is loose!” as Vinny would say.

We called him ” Pig Pen”….because most games, within 2 minutes of
the first pitch, his jersey was already dirty. ( From diving for a
ball,or diving into or back to a base)

Good luck Mr. Roberts……


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