Things I hate….BUT things I LOVE about baseball, and Dodger Stadium

Just off the top of my head…….

The wave.jpgPeople….The Wave….STOP IT !!
 It was invented by the Michigan Wolverines, the Washington Huskies, the Detroit Tigers, fans
at the Montreal Olympics…who really knows??…who cares?? It depends who you believe.
But none of which included the Los Angeles Dodgers.
And seeing our fans doing the wave with bases loaded and the Dodgers at bat in the bottom of the 9th….  PAINFUL!
Could you be ANY more distracting?????

beachballpopping.jpgPeople….99cent Store Beach ballsSTOP IT !
But ” It’s aboooout the kids!”…..NO...IT IS NOT ABOUT THE KIDS!
Teach your kids about the GAME!
And save your wife the embarrassment of having to hide the beach ball in a “undisclosed” area of her body, past security. Enough said.

fan hit with baseball.jpg -People…STOP booing the fan that can’t make the bare hand grab of a smoking foul ball!. There is a reason players wear gloves. The ball freakin HURTS!. I know from personal experience. Is a 5 dollar Rawlings  baseball worth a broken jaw, a swollen hand or a few broken fingers???

fanwithglove.jpg-People….PLEASE BOO the MIDDLE AGED fan who IS wearing a GLOVE and drops the foul ball !!
Freakin weirdo!
Hey, he’s the one that brought the mitt, he better make the play !

-People…PLEASE stop cheering when our player….who with a man on first, hits into a fielders choice, an out is recorded at second, but he beats the throw at first. He failed, he did not move his man over. That is NOT something to cheer about.

-People…’s about the GAME. it’s if the Dodgers WIN !…It’s not about talking on your cell phone to everyone that will listen to your pathetic ***, telling them where you are, how good the seats are, or even WORSE……some great business deal you have going and how you need help with it. WORK is OVER once you enter the gates. ” It’s time for Dodger Baseball”….right???

-People….when the opposition hits a home run….DO NOT throw it back! This isn’t Wrigley Field. it’s THEIR tradition, not ours.We have our OWN stupid traditions.

cubs-fan-_1.jpg-People….It’s a Dodger/ Pirates game.  Why are you wearing a Cubs hat?  I don’t get it.

steve-perry.jpg-People…Do you realize that the song  ” Don’t stop believing” by Journey, that the Dodgers play every 8th inning, was written and sung by a die hard GIANTS fan???  How can you love this song??? He’s a fan of The Hated Ones!!!

People….The guy who lip sync’s to said Journey song every night, even though I think he is a die hard Fan…….is getting OLD.
And staged.
The Dodgers even put security around him now, so that people won’t jump in and ruin his “performance”.  Now that’s lame.

Things I LOVE about Dodger Stadium………
denise-milani-dodgers-32.jpgHot female Dodger fan’s with “jerseys”….YES !!  Bow Chicka Bow Bow…. :-).

Greeting and talking with the same ushers and other Dodger personnel  every game.
It’s not the same as seeing the same waitress at a familiar restaurant. Dodger ushers are all fan’s , and when you say Hi….your all rooting for the Dodgers to win. Hoping WE win.
A waiters at Olive Garden could care less if you had a great time.Just leave a big tip, and he’s happy. Dodger ushers and all personnel root for their team.
yankeesbrothers_w_ring_01.jpgThese kids piss me off. Enough said.

me 1312.jpgMy first “view” of the field every game. It always instantly puts me into a good mood. The players going through their pre-game ritual warm ups… the smell of the grass…..perfect.
thinkblue-2006-09-30.jpgDodger fan’s who REPRESENT!
Your in an opponents stadium, don’t be shy…Let everyone know!
I’ve been to a lot of different stadiums watching the Blue….never pulled out a banner, but believe me, the fan’s around us KNEW who OUR team was !

high five.jpgHigh -Fiving with a random fan after a Dodger home run or score.! You might not know jack about the guy, but after we score, we are ALL fans/friends!
2010-03-10 12.29.04(2).jpgBaseball, sunshine and an ice cold beer. Is th
ere something more perfect??

Go Blue!




  1. sunshine43


    I agree with you on SO MANY of your points. I hate beach balls, the wave, and making people throw an opposing player’s homerun ball back. Ridiculous. I was glad when Bobby Crosby in the LFP kept the homerun ball off a Pirates’ player. He shouldn’t have to throw it back. It’s a freaking homerun ball. I always joke about keeping an extra ball to throw back if I was ever in that situation, not likely to happen, but good idea nonetheless. You forgot one more thing under things I hate. The middle-aged men who trample little boys over the ball in batting practice and during the game. I’m not a little kid, but I was still mad when some middle-aged spectacled man knocked me over for a BP ball in the LFP. And how about the people who get on their cell phone, call their friends, stand up and wave to see if their friends can see them??? I’ve got some more… but I should probably just put them in a blog entry of my own!


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