Lets go Dodgers…..Lets go Dodgers…..Pre-Opening Day 2010


Just hours before Opening Day, here are a few thoughts for today’s important game.
dodger_stadium_opening_day_2009_j86g.jpgWe have just come off a VERY frustrating opening road trip….but today things start anew. This is OUR Opening Day…Dodger Stadium, the grand lady of the National League, welcomes back her faithful fans for yet another year. OUR year. Thats right..OUR year, Three times the charm…..
We weren’t suppose to beat the National league favorite Cubs in 2008, but did we?  You bet we did !  3 straight!
anti-cubs-hat.JPGWe weren’t suppose to beat the powerful Cardinal in 2009, the same cardinals that have had our number for 4 years going…. but did we?  You bet we did!  3 straight!
anti_cardinals_sticker-p217552756658454588qjcl_400.jpgAnd although the last 2 years, the Phil’s have taken the NLCS series against us each of the past 2 years, but this is a NEW year!

On PAPER, the Phillies have a better team….but PAPER doesn’t play the game. Heart does…and this team has heart ! And an amazing core of young players that CAN win, and WANT to show the best fan’s in baseball, that they ARE good enough to beat the best.

We CAN and WILL make the playoffs….. and we WILL beat the Phillies to make it to the World Series. And in SPITE of the all the McCourt craziness…..we WILL be World Series Champs!…

So on this day, April 13, 2010, The Dodgers hand the ball to young Clayton Kershaw.The kid will NOT disappoint…..And we, the Dodger faithful, will be there to cheer him on.

Yup…That’s what a new year brings…….and what Opening Day bring…..
obama-hope.jpg                                                           Go Blue!


One comment

  1. crzblue2

    AWE-SOME post Rob!
    I LOVE the post!
    I LOVE the Dodgers!
    Great last two games!
    Padilla did !
    Kemp, what a start!
    Ethier is picking where he left off last year!
    Kuo and Belisario are almost ready to return
    I LOVE LA!

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