Omedetou, Kuroda-san !

Kuroda-1.jpgTime and time again, when The Blue need a big game from this veteran pitcher, he delivers!

8 innings, 5 hits only 1 earned run and 7 K’s. After 3 games where our starters went their typical 5 and out, Kuroda did exactly what the Dodgers wanted when they signed him. Eat innings and keep them in the ballgame! And boy did he. I guess it’s early in the season, but it sure would have been nice to see Joe let him go back out their in the 9th for the complete game. ( early in the season, late in the season…when IS it a good time these days???)

By the way, if you watched last nights game, Steve Lyons mentioned that in the 10 years Kuroda pitched for the Hiroshima Carp, he had 75 complete games!

manny-ramirez-heyman.jpgIt took a while for our big bats to finally get to Fish pitcher Volstad, (who pitched a great game by the way), but we finally wore him down. Then once he was gone, we exposed the Marlins poor relief pitching, and broke things wide open !

                                                 Dodgers 7, Fish 3

But back to my pet peeve…..our short armed, starting pitching…Grrrrr
big_head_little_arms_small.jpgGame #1 Vicente Padilla  4.1 innings
Game #2 Clayton Kershaw 4.2 innings
Game #3 Chad Billingsley  5.1 innings

If this continues, it mean Dodger pen IMPLOSION by July 1st.

Come on guys…..

Go Blue!

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