Marlins spit the hook…..The Blue become Tuna melt

meltdown.jpgIt’s only a matter of time, with your starters barely making it to the 5th inning, that your pen will blow one.

But this one I think everyone at home saw coming….WHY, WHY, WHY JOE….WHY Sherrill???
So far this year, starting in spring training, and spilling over to the regular season, Sherrill can’t find the plate. And when he does HAVE to come across the plate…..

gas-can1.jpg                                                           GAS CAN !!!!!!
Games like these are the worst…a sucker punch to the gut. The Blue fought so hard for this one, and to have it taken away from them like this…?.

I’m sorry, but  Joe screwed the pooch. Pitching decisions have always been his downfall, and this one was painfully obvious. I couldn’t even believe he had Troncoso START the 9th ! Then bring in Sherrill,  with Brox  just sitting there  in the pen “unavailable”….yes thats right, “unavailable” because of back to back pitching stints.

…Lets see, Broxton is in game 5 of the season. He has pitched in 1.2 innings….and officially has only 25 PITCHES this season!!!!!!!!!!!!….UNBELIEVABLE.

C’mon Joe….What were you THINKING???

But tomorrows another game……



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