RIP Repko,Stults and EyeChart…Hellooooo Opening Day!

Players come and go, but these guys deserved better….

jason-repko-1.jpgRepko was the poster child for “hard luck” players. Played hard, 100% of the time. A “run threw the wall” kind a player. But quite possibly never would have been anymore then a below average MLB player. But the thing is, his body never gave him a break. Tough injuries year after year, but he never stopped trying. I wish him the best.
Eric-Stults-1.jpgStults looked every bit a shoe in for at least the 5th starting spot over the last few years, but never did quite have the stuff that the Dodgers needed. Now it looks like greener pastures are in store for him in Japan,From a Los Angeles Dodger, to a Hiroshima Carp. What a strange world we live in. I wish him, his wife and two young children all the best!

eye chart-1.jpgDoug Mientkiewicz ( or EyeChart, as I call him) found out he wouldn’t make the 25 man roster.I really was hoping he would make it. I think he puts the G in GAMER, and has shown he can still compete. Plus I’m not a big Garret Anderson fan so……
I hope the Dodgers quit messing around and either release him, or maybe he accepts a coaching position. I hope he stays with the team some how. he has a lot to offer the rookies.

That all being said, with just a few days till the season starts, and 13 days to OUR opening day @ beautiful Dodger Stadium, how about a shout out to spring training???  Every year one of the coolest trips I make, and it never fails to step up to the plate, and knock one out!  Here’s to you, Camelback Ranch! !! See you again in 2011!

2010-03-10 12.29.04(2).jpg


  1. crzblue2

    Good luck to Repko, Stults and Eye Chart.
    I did not think Repko would make it this year, heck I thought he would have been gone last year. But Stults, I thought he would make the team and Eye Chart, well I was rooting for him. I’d love following his twitter last year. Good luck to all three!
    So you did not go to Thursday exhibition game? It was cold at our beautiful stadium. I’ll be there Saturday but I just realized that is a 1 PM game. Still, I’ll be there.
    Opening Day at Dodger STadium can’t come soon enough!

  2. bluecrewfan

    No, couldn’t make it. Wont be able to make Saturday either. Just too busy right now.
    Works keeps getting in the way of my life.


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