The Manny signing: What was worse, Scott Boras in person or Steve Lyons in shorts??

I was lucky to be at Camelback this spring, when the McCourts were finally able to fend off the evil Count Dracula Scott Boras long enough to sign Manny Ramirez. Here are some photos I shot that day.

camelback 333.jpg

Manny, Joe, and the Count Dracula



Copy of camelback 345.jpg

Manny and Jim Hill

Joe and Jim Hill 

 camelback 375.jpg

Manny finally escapes the TV media  and makes his way to the practice fields. I got lucky and was in the right place.

camelback 431.jpg

Ready for batting practice…..

camelback 441.jpg


camelback 454.jpg

Talkin with the Rook…..

camelback 460.jpg

And the Garv…..


camelback 200.jpg
Joe got the call late the night before that he needed to be on a SWA flight EARLY back to L.A. to meet with Boras, Frank and Manny in Malibu. THEN, had to fly back in time for the game against the Hated Ones.

Old guy was tired. Can ya blame him?

Oh, almost forgot.


camelback 368.jpgCome on Steve, Jim Hill wore a SUIT for crying out loud. Bermuda’s?????? 


Go Blue!  

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