The man that brought me into this world, and to Dodger Stadium..

2008 Opening Day 001.jpg

41 years ago, My Dad brought me to my first Dodger game.

Now I bring him.

And I feel blessed that I can.

 In 2008, i finally bit the bullet and upgraded  to the Baseline Box. They are AWESOME. 5 rows from the field, in what once was foul ground. And come with their own “club” with free food and drink.It is the ONLY way to watch a game. 

On the other hand, they also cost me an insane amount of money, make absolutely NO financial sense, and force me every year to ” write checks, my bank shouldn’t cash”, if I can paraphrase Top Gun.

But as long as I am able, I will keep them……..

( I also sell them when I can’t attend, to off set some of the cost …so if your ever in the need for seats, just email me)


Go Blue!!



  1. crzblue2

    I have season tickets in the top deck but I do sit everywhere with company seats, and for other events. I do love the people and view from the top but email me about the tickets and cost
    This is what I posted to your question
    you should be able to do more than one pic. Maybe type something in between where you want the pictures like this and then go back and put the pics.
    pic here
    pic here
    let me know

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