Spring Training 2009- Hello Camelback Ranch…… RIP Vero Beach

camelback 075.jpg

 Well they finally did it. They have been threatening to move from Vero Beach to Arizona for few years now. But Frank did it.

I HATE that he did it, but atleast he did it right.

I took my Dad out to Glendale, Az this spring. We caught 2 games, witnessed the zoo that was the Manny signing, and had a great time.

 The facility is top notch.

It probably has more beautiful green grass then all of Glendale combined.

It’s easy to get players autographs too. The Dodgers definitely made a point of letting the fan’s get as close as possible.

Everything is brand spanking new, state of the art, and first class.

But it has no history.No soul.No memories.

Too much like Disneyland for my taste.

R.I.P. Vero beach. It was nice to have known you.


Go Blue!

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