Dodger Fans? Sometimes I wonder….


Sitting in the club before each home game having dinner, I am constantly amazed at the complete lack of Dodger knowledge by some fans. ( I know, you will say it’s because most people in the club are not even Dodger fans. Maybe your right)

But every night, there is at least one past Dodger player, quietly having dinner. And completely approachable. No security, or anything.

Just this year,I’ve had short conversations and handshakes with Bill Russell, Rudy Law, Bobby Castillo, Sweet Lou Johnson, Kenny Landreaux, Tommy Davis, Ron Cey and Steve Garvey. Everyone has been as nice as could be. Each pleased to be remembered. I mean come on, Bill Russell???  He was absolutely SHAFTED by the Fox run Dodgers. To have him back at Dodger Stadium for whatever reason, is an honor. ( He now works for MLB , rating umpires)

But every night, most of the crowd doesn’t even recognize them, appreciate what they have contributed to all the great Dodger memories.Not a short hello, a quick picture or a warm handshake. Nothing.

I hate that. I really do.


Go Blue !

One comment

  1. crzblue2

    But us the real fans do remember then. Everytime I see Sweet Lou I give him a hug because he does the same to me. I saw him sitting down in the club level by the LF, I tapped him in the back telling him “sir, you are in my seat” I was just kidding him and he just got up “Hey Love”. He is just so sweet.

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